Disaster Recovery

The 2015 hurricane season has officially started. We are hopeful that the area will enjoy just as quiet a season as we did in 2014. If, however, Massachusetts is hit with a hurricane or our building is struck by a local disaster in the form of a fire, we need your help in making sure that we don’t lose communication with you and your family.

Tomlinson & O’Neil has made arrangements to have a temporary office trailer available to us in case of an emergency. This trailer will be placed on our parking lot at our current location in the event of a fire. Phone, fax and internet will be available from this trailer and business will go on as usual until our space is repaired.

If however, we need to evacuate the area due to a storm and are not able to use our office for a period of time, the location would change and we will need to inform you of the new location. So we need all of your contact information in order to continue to provide claims assistance and updates as soon as possible.

Please fill out the form below . Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

This information will be used for agency communications only and Tomlinson & O’Neil will not give, lend, or sell this contact information to any other party.

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